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Coffee Menu

7gm of freshly roasted coffee, compacted and brewed under pressure, yielding a 2oz serving with a golden crema sealing in the intense flavour.

Espresso Con Panna
A single espresso with (con) a topping of freshly whipped cream (panna).

Espresso Macchiato
A single espresso topped with a short head of foamed milk to retain the warmth of the coffee beneath.

Café Americano
A single espresso with hot water added to 7fl oz, served black or with cold milk.

A single espresso, 2 fl oz of steamed milk onto which is floated a further 2-3 fl oz of foamed milk. The masterpiece is complete only when dusted with unsweetened chocolate powder, cinnamon or vanilla.

Caffe Latte
Steamed milk is poured onto a single espresso to fill the cup, being crowned with a short head of foamed milk.

Café Mocha
Chocolate syrup (or powder) covers the bottom of the cup, before a single espresso is allowed to mingle, forming a sharp sweet confusion. Steamed milk is added to the 10fl oz cup to the brim before foamed milk seals in the heat and flavour, topped with a sprinkle of cocoa.


All Coffees £2.50 each



10 Northland Row 
Co. Tyrone
Northern Ireland
BT71 6AP


info@viscounts restaurant 

Phone: 028 8775 3800